In Pavan Public School, the curriculum has been so framed, that the individual child is the core of the whole programme. An atmosphere of relaxed, easy human relationship between the children and the teachers pervades the class room. The children are encouraged to get involved in the exciting adventure of learning experience through discussion, enquiry and experimentation.


The academic year, during which the children are resident and in attendance at the school, extends normally, from May to April. The School is closed for the vacation twice a year for 5 to 6 weeks in December / January and April / May.


The school prepares students for the Primary and theĀ  SSLCĀ  of the Karnataka State Board. Graded courses of study, spread over a period of twelve years, are prescribed, from the Kindergarten to the Higher Secondary Classes. The Medium of instruction is Kannada, English. At the third language level Hindi are taught.