Pavan Public School is one of the popular schools in Hubli, established in the year 2008, follows the Karnataka State Board Syllabus .
We firmly support a holistic approach to education. To succeed in the uncertain world of tomorrow, a multi-dimensional approach to education is required to upskill and prepare students for tomorrow’s challenges. Thus, Pavan Public School encourages learning beyond what is provided in a textbook, in both our students and teachers.

Here, we emphasize skill-based learning, cognitive thinking, ethical behaviour, moral integrity, experiential learning, leadership, and individuality. It is very essential to make the methods of learning interesting therefore Pavan Public School incorporates lots of teaching aids and tools to make learning fun.
The school has set a milestone in providing its students with a well-balanced and well-planned academic, sports, and co-curriculum activities.

Our Objectives:


  • Promote interactive learning and encourage the child’s construction of knowledge.
  • Encourage active learning and allow children to make meaningful choices.
  • Children’s exploration and inquiry, rather than focusing on “right” answers and “right” ways to complete a task.
  • Lead to conceptual understanding by helping children construct their own understanding in meaningful contexts.


To provide a learner-centric education for your children so they can achieve their full potential in the respective fields of education they wish to pursue and build a better world.


Pavan Public School aims to develop in children the knowledge and skills to enable them achieve their career goals and become caring and open minded leaders who think global and act local. Education at Pavan Public School is a relentless quest for excellence, for the fullest possible development of a student’s personality and potential viz. academic, spiritual, moral, social and physical- are the key endeavours.